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“Lions its a Kind of Magic”

Members 2nd Annual Convention of District 105CW
Saturday 13th March 2020

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Resolutions and Nomination: District 105CW Convention 2021


Clubs are advised that the following valid nominations have been made for Office in the year 2021/22. Copies of the CVs of each candidate can be viewed by clicking the following links.

District Governor – Lion Jaap de Jonge- Shirley Lions Club

1st Vice District Governor – Lion Rav Sandhu- Coventry Mercia Lions Club

2nd Vice District Governor – Lion David McKirdy- Black Mountains Lions Club



One validly proposed and seconded Resolution has been received for the consideration and approval of Convention.

Click the following link for a copy of the Resolution. Any proposed and seconded amendments to the Resolution should be submitted to the District CNRO, PCC PDG Lion Heather Jeavons by email  (cnro@lions105cw.org.uk) or by post to  Elm House, Worcester Road, Newland, Malvern WR13 5AY to be received by 2nd March 2021.



Clubs are invited to nominate voting delegates and alternates to the District 105CW

Convention 2021. Please click Delegate and Alternate Registration Form complete and

email the attached form to

Registration Officer  PCC PDG Lion Heather Jeavons (cnro@lions105cw.org.uk) and

District Secretary PCC Andy Pemberton (secretary@lions105cw.org.uk)


Presidents and Secretaries; Click here to download the Delegate and Alternative form.

Heather Jeavons

CNRO District 105CW

Any queries on either of the above should be addressed to the District 105 CW CNRO, PCC PDG Lion Heather Jeavons who can be contacted at cnro@lions105cw.org.uk.