GMA (Global Membership Approach)

New Members Booklet

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Step forward Resources: 

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Membership Bootcamp

A series of Membership presentations took place online in 2021. These were on topics including Recruitment, Retention, Starting New Clubs and Resources. The presentations can be found on the 105CW YouTube page at Lions 105CW or by clicking the links below:

Episode 1: Begin at the Beginning

Episode 2: The Role of the Membership Chair

Episode 3: Service Projects to Attract New Members

Episode 4: Starting New Clubs and Club Branches 

Episode 5: Materials and Resources


Membership Monthly Monday Meeting:

Membership Zoom meetings

Membership meetings aim for an open discussion about all things Membership.

Everyone is welcome to come and your presence will be valuable.

Dates of meetings will be publicised in advance with the topics decided by us all so please send questions/topics/ideas by email.

For more details please email:

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New Bullying and Harassment Policy 

New Member Grant Joining fee

DISTRICT 105 CW Membership Grants

DISTRICT 105 CW Membership Grants Planning sheet

Membership – An Introduction

Club Member Questionnaire

Application to join a Lions Club

Resource Centre for Membership Information from LCI

Certificate for Volunteers


If you need info on who the Membership Team is this year, we are;