Young Leaders

These awards recognise young people who provide significant levels of service to their communities.

Young people between the age of 11 and 18 can take part.

Each young person will be provided with a logbook in which to record their service activities.

The activities are grouped into 10 different categories – literacy and education, public health, safety, parents and family, environment, community involvement, helping the elderly, homeless, children, and disaster relief.

All the hours can be from the same activity or from a variety of services. The timetable is flexible operating through the year with the start date being as soon as the young person gets their logbook and the finish date being on the 1st anniversary of that date.

At end of 12 months of service the young person receives a certificate, letter of congratulations and badge.

  • Bronze Seal Award – For 12 months service of 25 – 49 hours.
  • Silver Seal Award – For 12 months service of 50 – 99 hours.
  • Gold Seal Award – For 12 months service of 100 hours or more.

The benefits of this scheme are: that young people have the reward of giving service to local people, they become involved with local Lions and Leos, they make new friends and find new interests and the experiences are ideal to enhance their C.V.