Virtual Club Award

Visiting Lions Competition – Make a trip them claim your Points!


Do you like travelling? Do you enjoy visiting other Clubs, going to Zone or District events or even going further afield?

If you do, you are earning points for your Club.

Why not claim those points and help your Club towards winning the Visiting Lions Competition?

Each year, this Competition starts on 1st January and runs until 31st December. Points sheets are completed along the way, as and when events are attended and submitted to the Competitions Officer. Totals are kept and the final result announced at District Convention in March.

All is explained on the Claim Form. Please feel free to print it out as often as you need and send in regularly to

Jan and Ralph look forward to hearing from you and crediting you with the points you have earned.

You have to be in it to win it – so Good Luck!

Claim form to 31 Dec 2021

The Lions Young Ambassador Award 2020

The Lions Young Ambassador of the 21st Century Award recognises young people for their outstanding community service involvement and encourages them in furthering their community involvement and public speaking. It broadens awareness of community service opportunities and organisations and enables them to sharpen interview and communication skills. It also gives them the opportunity to win a bursary for the community project which they have been undertaking.

This is a National Competition which aims to celebrate the many achievements of young people. It takes place every year with youngsters who are at least 15 years of age but under 19 years of age at the end of June.

There are several stages to the competition the first would be the nomination of young person by their school, youth club or other organisation to their local Lions Club. If chosen to be sponsored by the club then the youngsters will go forward to the District Finals where 3 judges will talk to, and ask questions of, the candidates about their different projects and work within the community.

The winner of this final will be given a bursary of £500 to spend on their community project and will progress to the Multi District Final in February with the opportunity to win a further bursary of £1000 for their project.

The competition gives us and you the opportunity to inspire and recognise the outstanding work carried out by young people within their community. If there is a young person in your school who deserves the recognition this award offers and you would like some more information about the award then please make contact with your local Lions Club.