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A note from your Data Protection Officer:

Let me introduce myself – I am Lion/Lioness Robyn Banks.
I am also the current District Data Compliance Officer – particularly responsible for data protection compliance, including GDPR. I have 20 years plus experience in the field, having worked as my last job in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) as data protection casework officer and trainer and, since January 2005, running my own specialist consultancy in the field.


​1. Pay the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) fee. This was set up by the Data Protection Fees Regulation 2018. Lions Clubs – whether or not they have charity status – are NOT exempt from paying the fee. We simply do not qualify – even for the “charity exempt status” under the Charity Act 2006. Every Lions Club processes personal data as defined in the legislation for admin purposes (membership and entering details onto MyLCI), as well as “not-for-profit”, “fund-raising”, “Realising the aims of the Charitable organisation…” and “Sharing personal information” purposes. If we only did the “not-for-profit” bit as defined by the ICO – then we could possibly be exempt, but we don’t! The second you process data through a website or on an electronic device, you are NOT exempt.

So I regret that each club has to decide for themselves whether or not to pay this fee of £40 (£35 if paid by Direct Debit). If you decide NOT to pay the fee, the potential penalty is a £400 fine (and yes, before you ask, charities have been fined already). The decision must be recorded in business meeting minutes. If your Club decides to pay the fee, the guidelines to take you through the process can be found below.
BUT EVEN IF YOU DECIDE NOT TO PAY THE FEE… there are still some legal requirements for the club to comply with to avoid other fines..

2. PRIVACY NOTICE: This is a statement of how the club processes data and other concepts on the processing which the ICO expect to see. It has to be short and in non-legal language. I can get the relevant information into 1.5 sides of A4! I am in the process of drafting this for clubs – each one has to be done individually to meet the legal requirement of “privacy by design and default”. So if I haven’t completed this for your club yet, just drop me an email.

3. “Short” privacy notices: These are a short piece of text to go on the footer of emails, forms (both electronic and paper). You will find the texts I suggest below as well.

BUT remember – I am on your side. I can be contacted at and will endeavor to answer you as soon as I can! Don’t Panic! Also below you will find some general advice on how to approach this subject – “Do’s and Don’ts”.

Any queries should be directed to Lion/Lioness Robyn Banks at:


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