Young Farmers

What do Lions and Young Farmers Clubs have in common ?:

  • Both – serve their local communities
  • Both – raise millions to help others less fortunate
  • Both – work as a team to achieve more
  • Both – would benefit from working together
  • Both – Have fun and enjoyment

What is the link between Lions and Young Farmers Clubs? :

In 2019 an agreement was reached between Lions MD105 and the National Federation Young Farmers Clubs and Wales Young Farmers Clubs to working together for the benefit of our communities.


Core Service Projects where Lions and Young Farmers Clubs have already worked together:


The Diabetes testing unit has been provided by Lions Clubs to various Young Farmers County Rallies within District 105CW.



Both Lions and Young Farmers Clubs support environmental improvement and together we can make a greater impact.




Lions Clubs within MD105 are already working with Young Farmers Clubs and the Farming community in general to use food that may otherwise have been wasted.  Lions Clubs with the support of Farmers have carried out “gleaning” and have managed to recycle no less than six tons of food that would have been ploughed back into the fields from one farm alone.




 Young Farmers Clubs being involved with collecting old and disused spectacles for recycling by Lions Clubs International at one of their Annual County Rallies


Other Areas of mutual participation:

Car Park Stewarding & Marshalling



Lions from several Districts within MD105 participating in judging various events at a Young Farmers Club Regional Rally

Food Hygienists

Lions Clubs helping at a Young Farmers Rally by providing qualified food hygienists .


What can Lions Clubs and Young Farmers Clubs contribute to each other? :

Lions Club members offer:

Experience –   That brings a wealth of knowledge

Enthusiasm –   About helping and serving in the community.

Maturity –        Seen by some as age but offers a great deal of life experiences


Young Farmers Club members offer:

Youth –            Energy and enthusiasm

New Ideas –     Modern fund-raising ideas using new and modern technology.

Enthusiasm –   Youth brings energy and enthusiasm to volunteering within the community

Both organisations have vast experience with volunteering and the desire to help within the community whether it be rural, urban, or inner city.


Youth Projects:

The recognition of Youth volunteering, working, and helping within the community is important to Lions Clubs. Participation by members of Young Farmers Clubs in these Youth initiatives will be to the benefit of both organisations but most importantly to the communities that we all serve.


Contact details:

 To find the Lions – Young Farmers Link for your club please contact in the first instance:

David Houghton –