Adrian Hutchings

Adrian Hutchings

Dursley Lions Club

This my 35th year serving our Communities with Lions Club of Dursley.

Joined in 1985, and was, with a fellow Lion Badged up by PCC Denis Legg, unfortunately no longer with us, but I miss him.

Have been Zone Chair a number of times, Region Chair, District Youth Officer, Sergeant at Arms twice, organised two District Conventions, 1994 and 2004, which we were told was the best and sorely missed. For those unaware, the Club has its own premises, which has been used for the storing and sales, weekly of household goods, all donated by our various local communities, and we use our own van to collect and for the deliveries of items purchased. Wanda and I are both subject to our second marriage, this one on 15th October, 1983. Leave you to do the maths. We have four children between us. Wanda’s a daughter Debs, husband Andrew, with granddaughter ELL (22), and grandson (18 this week). Her Son, married, Zoe, with two sons, Jo (17), and William (5 1/2).

Mine, daughter Marnee, married to Pete, with grandson Keelan (24), and granddaughter Cailin (22 just), and my Son Lian (Professor - Durham Uni), married (2nd) to Allie, with twin granddaughters Amy and Charlotte, both currently at Unis.

Have served 105W for four years as District Almoner, and about to start my second for 105CW.

It is a function I enjoy for two reasons. Firstly, I can hopefully show that Lions not only care for their Communities, but more specially for their Membership, and secondly, I am able to keep involved despite my age, and maintain contact with our many friends.

Spent nine years under the colours with the Royal Marine Commandos from 54 to 63, serving with 45 Commando in the Middle East, and later 62/3 with 42 out in the Far East.