Lion Pav

My name is Pav and I have been a Lion for nearly 3 years
I became a Lion after helping out on a sleigh run with my family, I enjoyed the experience so much I wanted to join the club. Sandwell Lions are more than just a club, they are my friends and family – I can depend on them always!
I had heard of Lions because I worked with Paul who is another member, who told me what sort of things they got up to.
The best thing about being a Lion is I feel very satisfied knowing I may have made a small difference to somebody’s life with the time I spend serving our community.
I believe being a Lion sets a good example for my children because it shows them how to be an active member of the community and help people if you can.
My two favourite activities are the Christmas Sleigh runs and when we supported the Bearwood Street Festival.
When we carried out diabetes testing at an event I felt I really made a difference speaking to people in Punjabi and encouraging them to get checked.
I would encourage anyone to become a Lion- it is so rewarding!