Club Website Support

The GLT Team is proud to announce that members can have assistance with creating a new website for their clubs. 

Since 2020/2021 Lion Sophie has assisted several clubs with creating new websites. This has opened new opportunities to the clubs including other organisation contacting them and gaining new members. With the ever-changing digital world having a website is very important. Recent feedback has shown that members of the public go to websites to verify the information we are presenting on social media. You can build a free website (with one singular page) however, this does not look modern or attractive and is difficult to display all your club’s information. 

A multiple page website will cost a small amount of money but it will generate a large focus and is easy to display upcoming events, club information and an area for donations. 

Building your own website will allow you to have complete control over appearance, strengthen your digital presence and it allows you to put all the information about your club in one place. 

Lion Sophie can offer clubs advice as to how to start and to evaluate what your club needs for a website. She can also build your club website for a small donation to her Lions Club. The donation will be used for good causes by her club.

To start this process please contact Lion Sophie at


Some examples of Lion Sophie’s Work: