Worcester Lions and the Street Café

Worcester Street Cafe

The day had gone like clockwork. The amount of food we had bought worked out to be portion perfect, we hadn’t burnt anything and the Lion that had lent their kitchen for the day was pleased we had left it pristine. None of that had made us in the least bit nervous but the evening would be a different matter altogether. As we approached the city centre we saw people making their way towards where we were making their way towards where we were heading. You couldn’t mistake them as let’s be honest, who else carries their entire life belongings with them as they amble along. Some we recognised as we had seen them in shop doorways, passed them by as we had gone about our busy lives.

Worcester Lions had offered to cook for The Worcester Street Café and it was too late to turn back. As we pulled up we sat and waited for the Street Café van to arrive. Do we get out? There were lots of people sat in the kerb, grouped around the doorways, milling around and some alone, quiet, keeping their heads downwards. We watched the two Lions in the car in front get out and they were instantly greeted by a group of men with smiles, handshakes and a hug. As we joined them we too were made to feel completely at ease, welcome and a realisation that we had made the right decision.

‘Think of service not as a duty but as a privilege’

It was a privilege to be a tiny part of this amazing community service. 40 people fed with a hot meal and dessert, clothes and sleeping bags were distributed by other volunteers, local coffee shops had sent their left overs and lunch bags for the following day were distributed.40 people! This is just Worcester, do you have something similar near you? Don’t think it’s not for you, give it a try and make that small difference today.