Abeliene Aquino & Paediatric Cancer

As Aberystwyth Lions Club,  Abeliene’s situation attracted our attention and also support from Fishguard and Goodwick Lions Club and personally from Lion David Hurst and Lion Morena Malbog of Gower and Llwchwr Estuary Lions Club. Abeliene Heather Aquino is a nine years old girl born on the 8th of May, 2010. On Valentines Day in 2012, she was diagnosed with Lymphocytic Leukaemia at a very tender age of one year and nine months. When we visited her this year, she requested from the Lion members of the Laoac United Lions Club in District 301-C, Northern Philippines, of which I was the Charter President, a birthday cake. Due to extreme poverty, apparently she never ever had a birthday cake before. Lions of the Laoac United Lions Club granted her wish.

Abeliene’s Birthday Cake

On the 3rd of July, 2019, Abeliene while in school, complained that everything seemed dark. Her father went to take her home, carrying her in the process. When they heard of her situation, Aberystwyth Lions Club asked  Laoac United Lions Club members to take her to an EENT (Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat) specialist. After a thorough examination of Abeliene, the doctor informed everyone that the nerves connected to her right eye supplying oxygen to the retina were severely damaged by the chemotherapy during her treatment for cancer. The parents informed everyone that it was at that moment they figured out why there were no tears coming from her right eye whenever she cried. The specialist doctor also informed the group that only 20% of her left eye was functioning.

Dr. Erwin Ulep carrying out an examination of Abeliene’s eyes.

The lions will be taking Abeliene to the eye specialist again to ascertain whether her left eye can be saved to provide her much needed sight. Although the NEED is so far away, over seven thousand miles away but Lions members here will try to raise funds for her ongoing medical treatment. The funds which will be sent to the Laoac United Lions Club to ensure they are used to help Abeliene.