Lion Pav

My name is Pav and I have been a Lion for nearly 3 years
I became a Lion after helping out on a sleigh run with my family, I enjoyed the experience so much I wanted to join the club. Sandwell Lions are more than just a club, they are my friends and family – I can depend on them always!
I had heard of Lions because I worked with Paul who is another member, who told me what sort of things they got up to.
The best thing about being a Lion is I feel very satisfied knowing I may have made a small difference to somebody’s life with the time I spend serving our community.
I believe being a Lion sets a good example for my children because it shows them how to be an active member of the community and help people if you can.
My two favourite activities are the Christmas Sleigh runs and when we supported the Bearwood Street Festival.
When we carried out diabetes testing at an event I felt I really made a difference speaking to people in Punjabi and encouraging them to get checked.
I would encourage anyone to become a Lion- it is so rewarding!

Lion Rosie

Hello everyone my name is Rosie Eynon and that’s me on the bog!
I have been a Sandwell Lion for 9½ years.
I became a Lion after a bright yellow leaflet came through my parents letterbox inviting them to a ‘Meet the Lions’ event with drinks and nibbles. I thought I’d check it out for them in case it was dodgy . I quickly fell in love with two of the members Praful and June and loved what Lions did. I had never heard of Lions before.
The best thing about being a Lion is we have a common goal to help people with no ulterior motive, we care about our community and we build friendships by working together on projects.
As a busy mommy I have always been appreciated for what time I can give to the causes and I’m never judged. My son regularly joins in with the activities too.
My favourite Lions activities are marshalling at the Special Olympics and meeting happy children and adults when we take around our Christmas Sleigh.
When collecting for Marie Curie people share their stories and sadness, which is often cathartic for them and inspirational to us as listeners.
I would encourage anyone to become a Lion if you want to feel part of a loving friendly community that really cares about making a difference and helping others, this is a wonderful organisation.
You are welcome to come and find out what projects and activities we are involved in.
We get together on the first and third Tuesday of every month at Thimblemill Library at 8.00pm. Drop us a message if you want to know more.

New Lions Insurance Policies

Please be aware that Lions Insurance has recently changed to a different Broker.  Policy requirements and Premiums have altered.

In particular, if you are planning to take Santa on a Sleigh around the streets this Christmas 2019, you should have a responsible officer in your Club check out the new requirements here: Lions Insurance



The Lions Young Ambassador Award 2020

The Lions Young Ambassador of the 21st Century Award recognises young people for their outstanding community service involvement and encourages them in furthering their community involvement and public speaking. It broadens awareness of community service opportunities and organisations and enables them to sharpen interview and communication skills. It also gives them the opportunity to win a bursary for the community project which they have been undertaking.

This is a National Competition which aims to celebrate the many achievements of young people. It takes place every year with youngsters who are at least 15 years of age but under 19 years of age at the end of June.

There are several stages to the competition the first would be the nomination of young person by their school, youth club or other organisation to their local Lions Club. If chosen to be sponsored by the club then the youngsters will go forward to the District Finals where 3 judges will talk to, and ask questions of, the candidates about their different projects and work within the community.

The winner of this final will be given a bursary of £500 to spend on their community project and will progress to the Multi District Final in February with the opportunity to win a further bursary of £1000 for their project.

The competition gives us and you the opportunity to inspire and recognise the outstanding work carried out by young people within their community. If there is a young person in your school who deserves the recognition this award offers and you would like some more information about the award then please make contact with your local Lions Club.

The Bob Cook Games

The Bob Cook Games took place at Swindon on 11th August. Named after the late Charter President of the Lions’ Club of Chippenham, the games take place every year on the second Sunday of August at the Athletics Track at Swindon’s County Ground Sports Complex.

For a full report see here: The Bob Cook Games 2019

Worcester Lions and the Street Café

Worcester Street Cafe

The day had gone like clockwork. The amount of food we had bought worked out to be portion perfect, we hadn’t burnt anything and the Lion that had lent their kitchen for the day was pleased we had left it pristine. None of that had made us in the least bit nervous but the evening would be a different matter altogether. As we approached the city centre we saw people making their way towards where we were making their way towards where we were heading. You couldn’t mistake them as let’s be honest, who else carries their entire life belongings with them as they amble along. Some we recognised as we had seen them in shop doorways, passed them by as we had gone about our busy lives.

Worcester Lions had offered to cook for The Worcester Street Café and it was too late to turn back. As we pulled up we sat and waited for the Street Café van to arrive. Do we get out? There were lots of people sat in the kerb, grouped around the doorways, milling around and some alone, quiet, keeping their heads downwards. We watched the two Lions in the car in front get out and they were instantly greeted by a group of men with smiles, handshakes and a hug. As we joined them we too were made to feel completely at ease, welcome and a realisation that we had made the right decision.

‘Think of service not as a duty but as a privilege’

It was a privilege to be a tiny part of this amazing community service. 40 people fed with a hot meal and dessert, clothes and sleeping bags were distributed by other volunteers, local coffee shops had sent their left overs and lunch bags for the following day were distributed.40 people! This is just Worcester, do you have something similar near you? Don’t think it’s not for you, give it a try and make that small difference today.


We have been made aware of scams and fraudulent use of the Lions Clubs International (LCI) or Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) name or logo, or other trusted and well-known names.

The goal of these types of scams is to trick people into revealing personal and financial information about themselves, which can then be used to commit identity theft.

Please note that Lions Clubs International – nor anyone purporting as a Lions Club or part of the Lions Clubs International Foundation – makes cold (unsolicited) calls asking for financial donations, nor do we contact anyone through their personal Facebook accounts asking for money.

If you receive a suspicious email, text, or social media message, please follow the LCI guidelines via this link:

If you have recently received a suspicious message via facebook, please report it directly to Facebook. See: How to report things on Facebook.

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