Lion Pav

My name is Pav and I have been a Lion for nearly 3 years
I became a Lion after helping out on a sleigh run with my family, I enjoyed the experience so much I wanted to join the club. Sandwell Lions are more than just a club, they are my friends and family – I can depend on them always!
I had heard of Lions because I worked with Paul who is another member, who told me what sort of things they got up to.
The best thing about being a Lion is I feel very satisfied knowing I may have made a small difference to somebody’s life with the time I spend serving our community.
I believe being a Lion sets a good example for my children because it shows them how to be an active member of the community and help people if you can.
My two favourite activities are the Christmas Sleigh runs and when we supported the Bearwood Street Festival.
When we carried out diabetes testing at an event I felt I really made a difference speaking to people in Punjabi and encouraging them to get checked.
I would encourage anyone to become a Lion- it is so rewarding!

Lion Rosie

Hello everyone my name is Rosie Eynon and that’s me on the bog!
I have been a Sandwell Lion for 9½ years.
I became a Lion after a bright yellow leaflet came through my parents letterbox inviting them to a ‘Meet the Lions’ event with drinks and nibbles. I thought I’d check it out for them in case it was dodgy . I quickly fell in love with two of the members Praful and June and loved what Lions did. I had never heard of Lions before.
The best thing about being a Lion is we have a common goal to help people with no ulterior motive, we care about our community and we build friendships by working together on projects.
As a busy mommy I have always been appreciated for what time I can give to the causes and I’m never judged. My son regularly joins in with the activities too.
My favourite Lions activities are marshalling at the Special Olympics and meeting happy children and adults when we take around our Christmas Sleigh.
When collecting for Marie Curie people share their stories and sadness, which is often cathartic for them and inspirational to us as listeners.
I would encourage anyone to become a Lion if you want to feel part of a loving friendly community that really cares about making a difference and helping others, this is a wonderful organisation.
You are welcome to come and find out what projects and activities we are involved in.
We get together on the first and third Tuesday of every month at Thimblemill Library at 8.00pm. Drop us a message if you want to know more.

New Lions Insurance Policies

Please be aware that Lions Insurance has recently changed to a different Broker.  Policy requirements and Premiums have altered.

In particular, if you are planning to take Santa on a Sleigh around the streets this Christmas 2019, you should have a responsible officer in your Club check out the new requirements here: Lions Insurance



Sorting Spectacles

Packing spectacles for re-use

Redditch Lions Club regularly collect unwanted spectacles from local opticians in and around Redditch. All the usable spectacles are boxed up and sent to Chichester Lions where they are expertly sorted before being shipped to Medico France in Le Havre. Here, they are optically graded and refurbished prior to distribution to clinics and eye camps.

Redditch Lions Club holds regular sorting sessions.  This year, the Club have already collected, packed and despatched more than 500 pairs of spectacles.

Coventry Leofric Lions Diabetic Testing

Diabetes Testing Van

Members of Coventry Leofric Lions partnered up with Silver Star Diabetic Testing and 105CW’s Diabetic Officer Lion Karam Bharij to run an information and awareness stall at our summer event. Along side engaging with hundreds of members of the community we encouraged people to get tested for Type Two diabetes.

During the day we screened 51 adults, we identified 7 people who are at a Very High Risk and needed to get input from their GP as a priority, we had 11 people who are at a High Risk, along with 27 medium risk and 6 people who were at Low Risk. All were given advice and guidance on changes to diet and exercise regimes and sign posted to local NHS Health Services.

Alongside this we measured peoples blood glucose level, 39 people had a level that was within national guide lines, 12 people were higher than the acceptable parameters and these were advised to see their GP as a matter of urgency. A great service activity that has made a real difference to peoples lives in Coventry, we are looking forward to future partnerships with the District and our fellow lions in Coventry and across the Midlands.